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Configuration Status Accounting Process

Objective of Configuration Status Accounting report is to provide visibility into the current status of Configuration Items whether part of a baseline or not. Configuration Status Accounting reports also depict the changes made to base lined configuration items.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry Criteria

Exit Criteria

  • Configuration Management Plan is approved
  • Project Repository is created
  • Project is completed

Process Inputs/Outputs



  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Issue List
  • Configuration Status Accounting Report


  1. Configuration Controller performs the configuration status accounting against all Configuration Items using Configuration Status Accounting (CSA) report template.
  2. Configuration Controller identifies and tracks the status of all Configuration Items including all actions and changes from project initiation to the release of the work product.
  3. Configuration Controller communicates the Configuration Status Accounting report to Project Manager, Development Manager, Quality Assurance Manager.


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